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List of Office and Tenant Phone Numbers in the World Trade Center (WTC) Twin Towers

Searching the web, we find many phone numbers that previously reached offices in the World Trade Center. Hundreds of firms did business in these New York skyscrapers, now destroyed. How many offices were in the twin towers? The tally is not yet complete.

Update  Wed 2001-09-19 16:00 UTC UnBlinking has identified over 240 phone listings
present in the WTC complex. These may help confirm details of your other searches.
UnBlinking scans the wealth of information on the internet, gathering background on people and events. Using public search engines, UnBlinking collates what may be known (and what may have been forgotten).

Wed 2001-09-19

Twin Towers Telephone Numbers (WTC Companies and Offices)

A complete list of likely tenants (from web sources) is at our Twin Towers Tenant List.

UnBlinking has scanned the Southwestern Bell SMARTpages as of 2001-09-17. According to Southwestern Bell, the names below had current telephone listings at the World Trade Center. The search was made more simple by SMARTpages' unique ability to accept a zip code (in this case, 10048) as a search argument.

Given the extraordinary events in New York, UnBlinking believes this presentation is in keeping with the spirit of SWBYP's terms of service and copyright. We appreciate Southwestern Bell's technical resources in this unfortunate time.

Please confirm any information listed here before taking action. UnBlinking can provide no assurance as to the accuracy or currency of this data. The list below may overstate active business operations at the time of collapse. Some firms are not full occupancy; others may have departed Trade Center offices recently.

Fri 2001-09-21

Suite 7967 - Mystery Solved!

Here's an example of how the web can reveal more than you want to know, but less than you need to know. (Or, perhaps, the opposite? :-)

Southwestern Bell SmartPages Online Business Directory identifies over twenty businesses with phone numbers at 1 World Trade Center, all in Suite 7967.
  • (212) 786-2100     Advanced Information Sys Inc
  • (212) 466-4600     Cat Technology Inc
  • (212) 466-9100     CL Moore Financial Inc
  • (212) 432-5930     Computer Aid Inc
  • (212) 775-9710     Crystal Castle Realty
  • (212) 488-0005     CWB Global Executive Search
  • (212) 912-1104     Cyberpoint Inc
  • (212) 912-0661     Dvua of NY Inc
  • (212) 466-1207     Evans Osborne & Kreizman Attys
  • (212) 912-9484     Filetek Inc
  • (212) 775-0030     FJ Wilkes & Co
  • (212) 524-7730     Global Export Svc
  • (212) 254-6594     Imis Inc
  • (212) 321-1150     Insurance Overload Systems
  • (212) 524-0400     International Office Ctr Corp
  • (212) 488-0050     Jerry Molnar Personnel
  • (212) 466-3445     Motive Communications Inc
  • (212) 843-7940     Persistence Software Inc
  • (212) 432-0322     Realcom Financial Partners
  • (212) 488-1198     SIR SVC NY INC
  • (212) 432-6567     Strongin Rothman & Abrams
  • (212) 432-9180     Stryker Tams & Dill
Presumably the entire 79th floor was not referred to as 'Suite 7967.'

The solution arrives thanks to pure UnBlinkingness by Vincent Perricelli, who points to the ALLIANCE Business Centers NETWORK Corporate Identity Program:
When your company needs to establish a presence in an area without the cost of leasing an office space, ALLIANCE locations offer a variety of plans to suit your needs which include:

Use the impressive ALLIANCE Business Centers NETWORK location address for your stationary and deliveries.

Have personalized telephone calls answered in your company name along with the reliability of a dedicated, personalized voice mailbox-24 hours a day-without the expense and hassle of phone line installations.
Of course, Alliance Business Centers Network office was One World Trade Center, Suite 7967.

Telephones for Building: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

1 World Trade Center (North Tower)per SWBell SMARTpages
Advanced Information Sys Inc Suite 7967
Advantage Data Systems Inc  
AIG Aviation Brokerage Inc Suite 5353
Akbar's Greenhouse Cafe Basement 2
Allstate Insurance (both) Suite 1145
American Healthcare Indemnity  
Anthony M Miele Law Offices  
Asahi Bank LtdSuite 6011
Bank of AmericaSuite 1119
Bank of TaiwanSuite 5323
Bank of Yokohama Ltd Suite 4623
Berel & Mullen Atty Suite 3347
Billy Tan Employment Agency  
Blue Sky Technologies Inc Suite 4643
Brown & Wood AttyFloor 58
C L Moore Financial Inc Suite 7967
Cat Technology Inc Suite 7967
Central Trust of ChinaSuite 2273
Ceylinco Consolidated Suite 4667
Charles Chan CPASuite 4601
Charles Y Fu AttySuite 8513
China Daily Distribution Ctr Suite 3369
China Patent & Trademark Suite 2205
Chugoku Bank LtdSuite 9007
Computer Aid IncSuite 7967
Conway & Conway Atty Suite 3371
Cosmos Service America Inc  
Crispino & Ricco Atty 
Crystal Castle Realty Suite 7967
CWB Global Executive Search Suite 7967
Cyberpoint Inc Suite 7967
D Data Inc  
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Trust Co Suite 5031
Dataflex Corp  
David Peterson Atty 
Drinker Biddle Reath AttysSuite 8961
Dvua of NY Inc Suite 7967
E Speed IncFloor 103
Eastern Consulting Svc Inc  
Economic Counselor of Thailand Suite 3729
Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield  
Employees Merit Inc Suite 4587
Enterprise Resources Pro Inc  
Evans Osborne & Kreizman Attys Suite 7967
F J Wilkes & Co Suite 7967
Filetek Inc Suite 7967
First Pacific Rim IncSuite 4629
Flag Wharf Inc  
Frank W Lin & Co Inc Suite 8955
Fuji Bank & Trust Co Floor 79-82
Geiger & Geiger Suite 7883
General Communications Corp Suite 8407
Global Export Svc Suite 7967
Goal Systems Intl Inc  
Greatest Bar On Earth  
Greenwich Agency Inc Suite 7751
H Al Roth Agency Inc Suite 7751
H Taufig Choudhury Suite 4673
Hachijuni Bank LtdSuite 8697
Hainan Aviation Travel USA Suite 4789
Hill Betts & Nash Attys Suite 5215
Huan Tong Intl Suite 3353
Hudson News Co  
Hyakugo BankSuite 8501
Imis IncSuite 7967
Ingress Enterprises Inc  
Insurance Overload Systems Suite 7967
International Office Ctr Corp Suite 7967
It Staffing Ltd  
Jacom Corp  
Jerry Molnar Personnel Suite 7967
Johnson Enterprises Inc Suite 4517
Jun He Law Office Suite 7717
Keenan Powers & Andrews Suite 2561
Keenan Powers & Andrews Suite 5361
Korea Local Government Ctr Suite 7835
L Blake Morris Suite 5287
L G Insurance Co Ltd Suite 8463
Landay & Leblang Suite 7717
Lava Trading Suite 8369
Leeds & Morelli Suite 5215
Li Yang Law Office Suite 5215
Lumbermen's Mutual Casualty Co Floor 36
Martin L Feinberg Suite 5361
Marvin A Katz CPASuite 4515
Mc Carter & English Suite 5361
Metropolitan Transportation Floor 82E
Millerton Group Ltd 
MIS Svc Suite 3393
Montgomery & Collins Inc Floor 94
Motive Communications Inc Suite 7967
Nishi Nippon Bank LtdSuite 10227
Noah Klarish & Assoc 
Northeastern Capitol Inc  
Northern Trust IntlSuite 3941
Occupational Health Facility Suite 62N
Ohrenstein & Brown Suite 8515
Overseas Union Bank LtdSuite 3955
Patrick C Crilley  
Persistence Software Inc Suite 7967
Ramon Insurance 
Realcom Financial Partners Suite 7967
Richard A Zimmerman Suite 5267
Rollins AccountingSuite 4765
Roman V Popik Law Offices Suite 2111
Safr Reinsurance Corp  
San-In Godo Bank LtdSuite 8403
Securant Technologies Inc  
Serko Simon & Abbey Suite 3371
Shanley & Fisher Suite 8961
Shipping Services Italia Suite 4645
Shizuoka Bank LtdSuite 8025
SIR SVC NY INC Suite 7967
Sky Dive Restaurant  
Softwear Research AssnSuite 4539
Sri Lankan Travel Inc Suite 4667
Strongin Rothman & Abrams Suite 7967
Stryker Tams & Dill Suite 7967
SUGGESTED Open Systems Suite 4633
Sylvia Becky  
Tai Pei BankSuite 8327
Tang & Assoc Law Offices Suite 4761
Temenos USA Inc Suite 5263
Thai Farmers Bank LtdSuite 8373
Thai Trade Ctr New York Suite 3729
Timothy D Barrow Law Office Suite 5267
Toho Bank Ltd 
Tower Computer Svc Suite 2141
Traingle International Travel  
Triangle Technology & Trade Suite 8955
Wall Street Planning Assoc  
Weldler & Mayer CPASuite 4653
Wild Blue 
Windows On the World Floor 107
World Trade Institute Evening Suite 55W
World Travel Specialist Inc  

2 World Trade Center (South Tower)per SWBell SMARTpages
Abad Castillo & Mallonga Atty  
Abracadabra Color Copy Ctr 
Accurate Temporary Svc Suite 2166
Allstate Insurance (both) Suite 2474
AON Consulting Floor 101
AON Reinsurance Floor 99
AON Risk Svc Co Inc Floor 101
Barclay Dwyer Inc Suite 8911
Caserta Jewelry Suite 1842
Charna Chemical USA Inc  
Chase Manhattan Bank'100'
Chen Lim Li & Jiang AttySuite 1832
Chuo Mitsui Trust CO  
DigiorbitSuite 1586
DPF Data Svc Group  
Focus Solutions Suite 2470
Fuji Capital Markets Corp Floor 80
Galaher Settlements '98'
General Security Insurance Co Floor 23
Globe Tour & Travel  
Guy Carpenter & Co Inc Floor 52
Hartford Steam Boiler Ins Co Suite 3026
Inkmark Inc Suite 1554
James T Ratner Atty Suite 1590
John Healy Atty Suite 2868
Jose Mallonga Atty Suite 1848
Journal of Commerce Inc Floor 27
Julien J Studley Inc Suite 8617
Latin Vision  
Lucid Technologies Group Suite 2264
Margaret Cobb MD  
Mary F Bezkor MD  
Mass Electric Construction Co Floor 84
Matrix Settlement & Clearance  
Morgard Inc Floor 23
NYSAILA Contract Board Floor 20
Optech Systems Inc  
SCOR Reinsurance Co Floor 23
Seabury & Smith Inc Floor 49
Shsheng Jin Yang Law Offices  
Sinochem USA Inc Suite 2222
Stellar Svcs Suite 1844
Thacher Proffitt & Wood Floor 40
Walfredo Castillo Suite 1848
Washington Group Intl Inc Floor 91

Other Facilities

3 World Trade Center (24 floors)per SWBell SMARTpages
Roma Jeweler  

4 World Trade Center (9 floors)per SWBell SMARTpages

5 World Trade Center (9 floors)per SWBell SMARTpages
Children's Discovery CtrSuite 2447
Council of State Governments Suite 9241
Daniel Pehr Inc Lobby
Devon & Blakely 
Ecce Panis Bakery 
Everything Yogurt & Salad Cafe  
Fine & Schapiro Restaurant  
Hale & Hearty Soups  
Honorable Albert A Blinder Floor 8
Honorable Edward J Amann Jr Floor 8
Honorable Frank S Rossetti Floor 8
Honorable Gerard M Weisberg Floor 8
Martins News & Sundry Suite 1004A
Mrs Field's Original Cookies  
New York State Court of Claims  
Opmi School  
Sushi Tei  
VRH Construction Corp Suite 9287
World Trade Ctr Dental Group Suite 367A

6 World Trade Center (8 floors)per SWBell SMARTpages
US Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Suite 600
US Animal Plant Health Inspctn Suite 206
US Commerce Dept Suite 635
US Consumer Product Safety Suite 301
US Corp-National & Comm Svc 
US Export Assistance Ctr  
US Peace Corp  
World Cafe Floor 6

7 World Trade Centerper SWBell SMARTpages
Federal Home Loan Bank of NYFloor 22
Hartford Floor 20
Insurance Services Office Inc Floor 17
NAIC Floor 19
Silverstein Properties Inc Floor 3
Standard Chartered Bank  
US Defense Investigative Svc  
US Equal Employment Opportunty  
US General Accounting OfcFloor 25
US Internal Revenue Svc  
US Secret Svc  
US Securities & Exchange Comm  

Unknownper SWBell SMARTpages
Flowers of the World Concourse 455
Cornucopia Health Foods Concourse 549
Commuters Cafe Inc Path Terminal
Trade Inn Restaurant & Coffee Path Terminal
Claire's Accessories Concourse 553
Golden Nugget Jewelry Concourse 559



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