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Feedback from the Bible Belt
From TBTF for 1996-02-10

Editor's note 1996-02-16: This feedback was received the day after TBTF for 1996-02-04 hit the Net. Mr. Blocker was not a subscriber (he is now). Our views on the indecency provisions of the telecomms bill could not be farther apart, but I do appreciate a witty and elegant rant when I see one.

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 12:47:23 -0600
To: dawson@world.std.com (Keith Dawson)
From: iinet@mut1.muscanet.com (Leon W. Blocker)
Subject: Re: info on Telecom bill

Mr. Dawson :

Your missive of February 5, in the year of our Lord 1996, had the dubious
distinction of unseating Mr.Todd Somers as the silliest thing that I have
read this year, as far as the Internet is concerned. I shall have to
repossess his hard-earned Spammie(tm) and see that it is forewarded to you.
Congratulations, sir, on a well fought, and  well deserved, victory.

All seriouness aside, where do you people come up with this stuff? I can't
pay writers to come up with the flights of fantasy you people have reported
as fact. Does George Lucas or Stephen Spielberg know you are available for
hire? I am willing to place a wager that not one person connected with this
posting has even read the bill!

While we are on the subject of reading, why don't you pick up a copy of the
Constitution and read the first amendment? You must be reading a different
copy than I am, as mine does not mention the right of free speach being

As for the proposed "solutions", give me a break! Wait! Wait!...I have an
IDEA! Let's protest being muzzled by being SILENT for 48 hours!
Wait!...UM...And...let's wear pretty blue ribbons to show we care! Yeah,
that's the way to go! Congress will have to repeal the law if we show them
we care enough! I hope by reading this you see how absolutely ridiculous
this is.

Please, people, lighten up! Take a few deep breaths, and for crying out
loud, let it go before you do some real damage. If you show Congress the
'Net is inhabited by kooks, they may go to greater lengths than they
already have! The primary tenent of the Hippocratic oath : first do no
harm. Read it, memorize it and live it before you get us all in deeper than
we are.

Good day and be of good cheer!

Leon Blocker, Publisher, Right-wing idealouge, neanderlithic knuckle
dragger, racist, homophobe, and bigot.
Iowa Internet(tm) Magazine

" Nothing so needs reforming as other peoples habits " - Mark Twain

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