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This site is designed for viewing with Netscape 2.0+ or Internet Explorer 3.0+. Many pages use tables, some with background color in cells. The top page uses JavaScript only for validating an email address in the subscription form. The site does not employ Java nor anything requiring a browser plugin. With the exception of tables TBTF is Lynx-friendly -- all graphics are ALT-tagged and sized. There are only two permanent animated .GIFs on the site.


TBTF does not use cookies and does not collect any private or identifying information anywhere on the site. For subscribers I maintain only a list of their email addresses, and I do not and will not share this information with any outside party.


I dislike spam as much as you do, and I don't want to make it easy for the spammers' address hoovering tools to collect victims' email addresses from the TBTF home and archive. On the other hand, I want to make it possible for members of the TBTF community privately to contact people mentioned in the articles, should they want to. For these reasons I use a convention of obfuscation when referencing the email addresses of correspondents, informants, or participants in the stories that appear in this newsletter. It works like this:

Email address as it appears in TBTF:  <doyle at cs dot und dot edu>

Actual email address:  <doyle@cs.und.edu>

In other words, before sending email to anyone mentioned in these pages, replace each " at " with "@" and each " dot " with "." #151; simple enough?


Before distributing issues of TBTF by email I sign them using PGP for Personal Privacy 5.5; here is my public key. (Articles in the archive are not signed.)


The archive is living, not static. Here is the policy and history of emendations.


BBEdit The archive was initially generated with the help of hypermail 1.02. I maintain and develop the site using BBEdit 4.5.1a and Photoshop on a Macintosh clone.


Follow this link for details of the trends in TBTF's subscriber base, Web-site visitor traffic, and international distribution.

The Lips

Here is an Ascii-art rendition of The Lips, a stalwart of TBTF's email edition for its first 100 issues. The email edition was redesigned beginning with TBTF for 1997-02-11.

My signature

 Layer of ash separates morning and evening milk. 

Enough people asked me about my .sig that I put up this page to tell the story.


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If you review a book for TBTF, you get the credit — I'll buy you the book(s) of your choice with any money flowing from your review.


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