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10:13:42 AM
  • Real-life Phaser under development. TBTF Irregular Anton Sherwood points us to HSV Technologies of San Diego, which is about two years from fielding a patented Phaser-like stun weapon. The device uses ultraviolet laser beams to ionize two parallel paths through the air, then sends a small electrical current through the resulting circuit. The company claims that this current causes "tetanization" in the major skeletal muscles -- that is, a person or animal struck by such a beam experiences several seconds of complete, painless immobilization. HSV's FAQ says:

    The very weak current we use is able to hold the major skeletal muscles contracted because it closely replicates the nerve impulses that control those muscles. That is, the combination of the pulse wave form, the pulse repetition rate, and the amperage is exactly designed to mimic the neural pulses nature uses to activate those muscles. Only the voltage is greater so that the current will penetrate clothing and skin.
    The skeletal muscles are held immobile because they are composed of striated or "stringy" muscle tissue. Striated muscle tissue is easily stimulated by electrical currents. On the other hand, heart muscle is affected only by significantly more powerful currents. Thus, this difference in sensitivity is a natural safety factor.

    HSV notes that the prototype Phaser is about the size of a carry-on suitcase. The company is also working on a larger varient that would be capable of frying a vehicle's electrical circuitry from two kilometers away.

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