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7:28:19 PM
  • Need a Cisco lab -- cheap? Studying for a Cisco certification, perhaps? Could you use access to a nicely equipped lab? Then check out CheapLab, where you can schedule such a facility* in 4-hour chunks for $15 per, and settle up via PayPal.

    The facility is run by Jason Tracy, who uses it 4 hours per day in pursuit of his own Cisco credential.

    * r2502, r2503, r2504, r2511, r2513, r2514, r2620, r4000, s1912, s2924.
11:06:10 AM
  • Ransom for stolen Enigma machine agreed. According to this BBC story, Bletchley Park has agreed to pay the UKP25,000 ransom demanded by the perp who stole the Enigma -- one of only three in the world -- last April.

    Police want the author of the ransom letters to contact Detective Chief Inspector Simon Chesterman, of Milton Keynes CID, on 01908 686000 and quote reference number 86519900, to negotiate the exchange.


12:54:22 PM
    Hypertext, Narrative, Image, Flash
  • Hypertext, Narrative, Image, Flash. Another event coming up in the Boston area: Eastgate Systems is sponsoring this 2-day roundtable to bring together Web designers, Flash creators, scholars, and writers in an exploration of the narrative craft. (Note this is a hands-on workshop for practitioners, not an educational seminar.) The dates for Hypertext, Narrative, Image, Flash are November 11 and 12 and the cost is $395. The inimitable Susan Kaup is handling the production and arrangements -- she's the one who organized the first Geek Pride Festival last April in Boston.
11:50:31 AM
  • ICANN-didates' Q&A, debate today at Harvard Law. Voting is now open to registered at-large members in ICANN's election to fill five seats on its board of directors. Voting runs until October 10. Netizens local to the Boston area have a unique opportunity today to size up the seven candidates vying for the North American seat. The candidates will answer questions today at Harvard University in an event sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Internet Democracy Project.

    From 4:20 to 6:00 pm Eastern daylight time today, the candidates will participate in a moderated forum. From 7:30 to 9:30 pm they will answer questions posed by a panel of journalists that will include Declan McCullagh and Hiawatha Bray.

    Both events will be webcast and will be open to participation from the Net community. Archives of the sessions will be posted at their conclusion.

    I'll be in attendance this evening and will post impressions of the candidates and their positions tomorrow.

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