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This is the TBTF Log, an experiment in reporting important breaking news in a very timely way. The TBTF newsletter continues unchanged. The most recent issue is TBTF for 2000-04-19: Dot-communist.

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Sunday, June 18, 2000

6/18/2000 10:47:45 PM

  • Infecting yourself. London's Times newspaper describes this ironic bungle: After Serbs launched virus attacks against NATO during the Kosovo conflict, NATO personnel with the KFOR peacekeeping force in Pristina were experimenting with anti-virus tactics. They created a virus called Anti-Smyser 1 which, unfortunately, escaped from the laboratory. The virus grabs documents from the disks of infected computers and sends them out as invisible email attachments. Anti-Smyser 1 has now turned up at the Czech ministry of defense. And this same cheeky virus is now believed responsible for sending a restricted document, detailing NATO rules of engagement, to a London publishing company last April.

6/18/2000 10:12:19 PM

  • What would you like to do? Did you ever wish that, just once, you could answer The Paperclip's rhetorical question in all seriousness? Here is what I'd say.

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This venue represents an experiment in more timely and less "cooked" TBTF news coverage. You'll read here things that came through my desktop machine mere minutes before. The TBTF Log replaces the Tasty Bit of the Day feature.

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