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9:30:18 AM
  • Eeevil. All right-thinking Open Source types know about Advogato, "the free software developer's advocate." Heck, most of you are probably at the top of its four-way classification scheme (Master, Journeyer, Apprentice, Observer). Welcome to Advogato's anthesis -- Badvogato, a home for evil schemers on the Net. Badvogato breaks down its scoundrels in an analogous classification: Criminal Mastermind, Villain, Henchman, and Witness.

    The various bad guys' projects include the expectable: Control Earth's Water, Earthquake in San Francisco, Build Acid-Spitting Robot; and the unexpected: Esperanto, Water Fluoridation, and the Athena Desktop Environment.

    You can help to spread the terror by syndicating Badvogato's news headlines in RSS format here.

    Thanks to TBTF Irregular Justin Mason for the nod.

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